Art and everything in between || University Au 

Starting over was never easy but moving away from ones home country to a new one didn’t sit very well with Iain. Three weeks into the move and he tried to escape back to Scotland twice…failing miserably. Now here it was starting his first day at an Art university with his sis. No words could describe his pain he found himself having. Iain hated Maine he didn’t know why his parents chose it of all places in the states why Maine he found himself voicing over and over again. It was an hour before his first class and the young lad chose to do what he did best get wasted before first period. Nora sighed heavily as she made her way into the local pub right across from the school she spotted her twin near the bar lighting a cigarette. The two locked eyes before Nora had even finished walking all the way over. ”Get oot.” Iain said with a frown. ”Piss off brother we ned to get goin.” his sister said tugging his arm. ”I aint goin Nora.” Iain said.


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    ”Because I still don’t kno what type of lass yee are and like I said he’s nevur been in love I don’t kno where this es...
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    Christine pulled back. ”I would never break his heart. Why would you think that I would ever do that to him? I love hi...